i am a perpetual student at the University of Southern Maine. my current major is political science but USM offers many majors so maybe next semester, economics? iwork at Starbucks. Aside from the occassional rude customers I love my job. i would pick coffee cherries for Starbucks as long they continued to treat me right. i love coffee too so it’s a win-win. i have random spurs of insecurity followed by a few days of inflated ego, followed by a few weeks of insecurity. it’s a cycle that i am afraid will manifest itself on a blog so just a little fyi. my life is pretty simple, get up early, go to work, go to school, come home, do homework, go to bed repeat. but my day to day schedules are hectic. i am constantly trying to create order by mapping out every minute of every day, yet these plans always backfire. so let’sjust seehow this goes.


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