30 Day Song Challenge-Day 1: A song that makes you happy?

Beautiful Day: U2

U2 is my favorite band. I grew up listening to U2 but the deciding moment, the moment that did me in for them, was watching the music video for “Beautiful Day”. I think I was thirteen or fourteen, sitting in my parents’ living room religiously watching music videos on MTV and Bono came on the screen, singing in an airport. The coolest moment was the shot of the band playing on the runway with digitalized airplanes taking off over head. Bono has so much energy when he sings. His stage presence is intense and emotional and raw. i cannot stand many singers because of their egos. I do not like Axl Rose, Steven Tyler, etc. And at times, I will admit, Bono has annoyed me. On their live DVDs, especially in more recent times, Bono has taken five minutes out of every show to talk about his side projects with DATA, ONE, and other nonprofit organizations that he is somehow behind. I do not understand how that man can be so busy being a rockstar AND make the effort to get behind multiple causes. If only I had that kind of energy and I’m almost thirty years younger than he. 


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coffee. organization. school. books. movies. u2. subaru. dogs. hamsters. these are just a few of my favorite things.

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