Newtown, Connecticut

While the tragedy in Newtown has stunned me, I find it discouraging that it takes a tragedy such as this one to spark people into action. I will always encourage, watch or participate in clean debates. Yet, I cannot silently note the Facebook status updates that have taken over my feed about the need or lack of need for gun control laws. I will always be a proponent for gun control. I find the limiting of access to certain guns to be a move in the right direction but my arguments for that is for another post. What truly sickens me is that there is silence on such an issue until someone decides to shoot up an elementary school and now proponents for gun control come out of the woodwork. if you are that passionate about it, do something about it. don’t wait for situations like these to make your voice heard. and don’t simply sit on Facebook and post endless status updates about how much you despise one law, or think a certain aspect of our culture is morally, ethically, socially, politically, economically, and every other -cally wrong. DO something about it; take action! if you think that going out and buying a ton of assault rifles will make your point that limiting the access to guns can bring an end to tragedies like Newtown, do it. good luck… but do it. Political or social apathy will not change things. people who fight for what they believe to be is right, change things. Had Facebook existed in the 1960s, MLK would not have hid behind a computer to spark the Civil Rights Movement. And his intolerance for oppression would not have only been heard when there was a tragedy within his community. he was loud, he was in your face, and even between tragedies he was heard. Get up off your ass, go sit in a coffee shop with a friend whose political views differ from yours and start a debate. that’s how the French Revolution started…


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